Can parents view class?

We ask parents to remain outside the classroom in the waiting area for the safety of all our students.
If this causes you concern please speak with our Program Directors, Sabrina Pringle (aerial) or Jonah Logan (parkour).

Does everyone get to perform?

Everyone in our aerial program is invited to participate in our big end of season show in June. You can see all the dates and time commitments for that on our annual calendar page. The Performance Teams do extra shows throughout the year.

What should I wear for an aerial class?

Full-length stretch leggings are best and a tight fitting tank or t-shirt that is long enough to tuck in and cover your lower back well. Friction burns can easily occur on bare skin so covering the backs of the knees and waist are helpful. Hair should be pulled off the face (a pony tail is perfect). Sometimes extra layers for padding are nice when doing a lot of hoop and trapeze. Extra layers may also be worn for warm up.

What should I wear for a parkour or ninja warrior class?

Comfortable clothing you can move well in. Most people prefer athletic shorts or pants. Clean indoor only shoes, please. Light, flexible shoes with minimal tread and sticky rubber on the bottom are best. You want to have a good feel for the obstacles underneath you.